Bad Day

Left the house at 6am. Traffic was already crawling in EDSA Santolan all the until Annapolis. Bus crashed to the island of the MRT. All the traffic was caused by usiseros.

Fast forward going home time. There was a defective train on Boni Station. Took more than 30 mins before we could get going and get going was 5kmh and stops were 5 mins each. Ugh.

Nag PA system ka pa, wala naman sa lugar yung speakers. Pfft.
And Tolentino wants to have 2 day number coding. Aren’t motorists following enough road rules? Perhaps the commuters and public transports’ turn this time? Besides, whose fauilt is it that we have all those extra approved public transport franvchises far more than our roads can take? Isn’t it the government’s? Fix that shit!
There are still a lot of fat women pretending to be pregnant in the MRT.

All these in mind, I took my rosary and prayed while waiting. In less than 5 mins the train in front of me moved.

After all these, I’m happy that my prayers are always heard and that I have an in with someone up there.  Beat that, downers!

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