The Earrings

Mommy Espie asked W to buy 2 pairs of yellow and white gold earrings for Caitlin and take it to Auntie Sevy since she’s heading for the US soon.

Last night, W went to buy them already without me since I’m not in the mood to walk. When I woke up from my nap before dinner he said he got a pair of hearts and a pair of elephanta for Caitlin.

Elephants. Really. Silently in my head I knew that was a really bad idea. I really hoped they were ugly so I wont want them (I know, I’m mean!)


Acckk. They're cute!!

I was so annoyed when I saw this. I can make a poker face but my eyes give my real emotion away. I wanted these! I didn’t have to say it, it was freaking obvious!

I told Ward it was really torture. But he said he thought of giving this to Caitlin so she’d remember us whenever she saw an elephant. Bad idea. Auntie Pattie will want to see and have the elephant. That’s a law of the universe!

So we’re rushing getting Caitlin another pair because Auntie Sevy called already. The earrings are now in my drawer. I feel bad. But I like them. And W gave them to me.

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