Not so Happy Feet


So I slipped and fell from that inflatable pile of poop looking slide in Island Cove. My foot was caught in the rope ladder and with my head first, submerged already in the water, I had to wiggle my foot out.


Jaypee saw my fall. Asked me if I was ok and looking at my foot still in the water, it was red! He took me to the ledge and when I put my foot out, crap it looked so red with the bruises fresh. They got me out of the water. They took me to the gazebo and got ice. The redness lessened. But I still felt so much pain especially when I tried to move it around. I was actually scared that it might cramp up.

In less than 2 minutes there was another commotion. My slide buddy Paul also had the same accident.

We were in the First Aid station for a bit. But seriously, they didn’t help much. I really think Paul and I deserved better medical attention more than ice and Bengay (come on really, I had bruises, Bengay???). We wiggled our way out of being stuck there, showered with a monoblock (separately of course!) I thought of taking more precaution in Manila, Paul thought he needed hilot. I was actually more concerned that I will have black feet like Adam Sandler in Mr. Deeds! I know, priorities! Silly me! 🙂

I really couldn’t put weight on my right foot. I really fought back my tears, wa poise naman kasi. Asked Ward to bring me to the ER for an xray because my pinkie toe hurt more than anything. Felt like burning cold without weight. And when I put weight on it, acckk! My xray was normal, thank God. I got an IV for the pain. I dreaded coming home and going up the stairs. Going up the stairs was like the first time I ice skated (as in I was hugging the railing!) So now my arms hurt like I did dumb bells for 2 days. I slept with my foot on a pillow.

The next morning I stood up and felt that my foot seemed better. I put weight on it and yay! No need to telecommute! It looks a little hideous but it feels better! Way better than the daggers I felt when I step on it. I just have to walk slowly or else it hurts.


Checked on Paul through text this afternoon. He says he’s better too but also has to walk slowly 🙂 good to know we’re both ok (and everyone else injured for that matter). After all, it ain’t a party until someone’s injured!

Thank you to everyone who helped me out and genuinely cares 🙂

Here’s a few special shout outs from the bottom of my heart:

Abby, Jaypee, Cary and Tristan, not only for carrying me (Sorry I’m heavier than I look like 🙂 ) but for guiding me all the time. I’m really stubborn and thanks for dealing with that.

Jhomel, Ralph, Bettina, Richmond – thanks so much, I hope I didn’t spoil your day.

Pastus, my mighty Pastus, you didn’t take my stubborn crap 🙂 carried me to the ladies locker room and was instantly rewarded with the restricted access (hohoho!!!) to the hard to conquer ladies locker room!

My RN Glenn. Thanks for always looking out for me 🙂 you’re the best!

Daddy Ritchie hehe thanks so much dad! I’m good 🙂

Paul, my dearest slide buddy Paul, happy you’re better! I’m so happy you got me sliding down and having fun! I haven’t in a while. I will remember this adventure for quite a while 😉

It is in these mismatched and unpredictable circumstances (accidents if you will) where we truly learn about team work. Deeper than what we can learn in team games and activities. Thank you Lord for keeping us all safe in this trip and after. Thank you for sending us back as better persons, colleagues and friends.

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