Loved and Lost

So, I’m not a Glee fan. I’m honestly annoyed by the series. I tried watching it but it’s really not my thing.

Cory Monteith, the guy who plays Fin the jock, passed away yesterday. Cause is still unknown but said to be OD. I just learned last night he was supposed to get married to his on screen partnee Lea Michele a few weeks from now. Sad.

3 years ago, my friend Nicole was supposed to marry the man of her dreams, Sai. They’ve been bfgf since freshman year. They planned to get married 10.10.10.

Nicole is already based in Hawaii and Sai has been trying to visit for the longest time.

A few days before Nicole was set to come home for final wedding preps and her bridal shower, she received a call that Sai was shot dead by an unknown motorcyclist. She took an earlier flight to Manila.

I found out about this on a status message Nicole posted on her Facebook. I thought they just had a fight. But when I looked at Sai’s wall, that didn’t seem like the case.

I cried so hard. I called another friend who was constantly in touch with Sai. Rikka said Nicole was on her way home and that wake arrangements were already being handled by the family.

I really cried a lot. Until I saw that Nicole was ok. They waited 10 years to be together but it didn’t happen.

Fast forward, Nicole seems to have mended her broken heart. She met a nice young man in the US and they’re engaged to be married soon. I’m happy Nicole is happy.

Cris. Maricris was my officemate. Not sure how long she has been together with her fiance but a few weeks before they were set to give out invitations for their wedding, her fiance caught dengue. He didn’t make it.

Fast forward … After a year or so, Cris got better. Way better that she’s opened her heart again to love. Love found her again.

Loved. And lost. This is the pain I don’t want to feel. I dare not imagine it.

Always pray. Always, always pray.
Live your day as if it was your last.
Radiate love.
Share your blessings.
Show others you appreciate them.
Let go of anger.
Do not hold grudges.
Respect others.
Give as much as you can.
Be happy.
Have hope. Be hopeful that you will always be happy.

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