Shameless BB Cream review

I’ve been using the Face Shop BB Cream for over a year now and so far, it’s been good but could be better.

So when I got my Love Your Body card from Body Shop free when I tried loads of stuff as recommended by my artist Toni Aviles, I also tried the BB Cream when it was released mid last year. It was nice when the sales lady in Rob Mag showed me but when I got it, it was so runny and I needed a lot to apply evenly.

I went back to using my Face Shop but I just noticed that on photos, your face will evidently look whiter on several spots even if you swear you did your best in applying evenly. Nakakainis sa pics! It’s like the 90’s make up peg — make up kung make up, cake face kung cake face! But of course I don’t want to look like I have that disease that you have white spots.

For the past few days, I went back to Body Shop. But this time, I apply a little. I concentrate under my eyes and forehead. Then I just use powder to even out areas. So far, it looks really good. I think that should have been trick in the first place. No reapps, just retouch on powder. Even when I get home it looks like my face is smooth or feeling ko lang yun!


After December 2012 – February 2013’s massive break out (check Sg photos, eeew!) I really need to ease up on what I put on my face. I’m still using baby soap as my derma recommended. I hope it all goes better for my face soon.

I saw that Body Shop has a new line of BB Creams… interesting. But it looks like it will take a while before I get to try it.


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