Lucky lucky!

This week was hectic. Work is good but really burning. Yesterday was probably the worst I’ve waited and rode the mrt. Line for bag checking was stopped, I was near the stairs! So I waited because I didn’t want to ask W for a ride nor take a cab when I saw the non-moving Edsa traffic. Trains were packed and I thought there would be a stampede. First time I didn’t have to hold on to anything because I wasn’t really going anywhere from that crowded house! I’m so proud of myself. 5 years ago I didn’t know how to commute. I have more confidence now that I can take on my country’s public transport! It’s just a matter of blending in, trying hard not to stand out or make inarte. I still don’t want to drive. I’d be too pissed to drive on Edsa and side streets populated with kids playing outside. I trust my reflexes but not the brakes 🙂 I still consider myself lucky. I am lucky! No need to brag about anything but I just deeply appreciate everything around me. And I appreciate hard work when I see it. Nothing wrong with that right? So this weekend, I think I’ll try to rest. Been having the badass migraine since Wednesday but I’ll try get my paper moving tomorrow. Ahhh so nice to chillax. It’s been a freaking while! 🙂


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