Just sayin

I am not conservative nor traditional but here goes.

I am not against gay and lesbian marriage but I believe the marriage is a sacred pact that focuses on procreation aside from love and companionship.

Gays and lesbians might not be able to procreate on their own, however, they will be practicing charity for any adoption they will do, be it for humans or animals. Please keep that in mind.

I would prefer that couples who cannot procreate on their own to be bound legally. This serves as their protection from law and man.

But then again, this world is neither mine or yours alone. We share it with everyone. If gays and lesbians will continue to protest for same gender marriage, let them, especially if they’re doing this peacefully.

If their protest will not be considered by man, I’m sorry. But if their protest will be deemed legal, then YAY! A lot more people will be happy. And trust me, it just might be a better world with all the love!


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