Pat’s Angel

I can listen all day to the children’s choir in the Power Plant chapel all day. Seriously!

We’ve been hearing mass there every Saturday at 7pm when schedule permits.

A few years back, I noticed a cute chubby girl who resembled my Ate Anna so much when she was a little girl. I was so fascinated with her, I loved listening to her – she sings as loud as she can with her heart.

As much as I want to introduce myself and try to be her friend, I held back on this. Of course it’s weird, I mean, if someone came to me with that story I’d be freaked out.

Time passed and sometimes we’d hear the 530pm mass on Saturdays instead. Or 6pm here at MTQ. I didn’t see her often and when I did, she’d always grow inches taller and lost a little weight, but still chubby cute.

Tonight I saw her. My little angel. It was such a good mass. The children’s choir, Fr. Mario and his engaging words… I’m so happy we went for the 7pm tonight.


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