Hit me hard and I will fight back harder

I remember Strategic Management class. On my senior year of undergrad, I had to take it with the scariest best prof I ever had.

For the whole term, I had weekly readings at least 2 chapters of sophiscated business publications or books, ranging from HBR to I forgot the title of my straman book. I also had to submit weekly papers on them, not just summaries but reflections showing how we understand what we just read.

Not to mention, we were preparing our thesis that term. In current events, that would have been equivalent to Devc290.

Straman was hard and made me operate like a robot. I followed a strict schedule to stay on top of class. I had my sweet spots at home for reading, everything to make me comfy and bright.

I didn’t consider myself wounded until my computer monitor went berserk.

When I was done with that issue, my cpu went berserk.

When things were fixed, it ran well for a few days but again, BOTH went berserk.

I didn’t have the luxury of time. I found myself using school computers and even going to the kanto internet shops. It was additional work but it was I made it. I submitted all my requirements and still got high grades.

Hit me hard and I will fight back harder.

So right now, my ISP is giving me a hard time. All I can say is Duck you, I will replace you!

I will get through Devc290, the Special Problem or thesis leg of my graduate school stint. Watch me.


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