Christ the Redeemer aka Cristo Redentor

I like saying Cristo Redentor better because my Espanol accent is solid (kunyari) haha

I have always been fascinated with Rio de Janeiro’s Cristo Redentor. I must have imagined it or maybe it was really on a U2 video. Anyhooo, I’ve always wanted to see Christ the Redeemer ever since hmmm college. Checked flights- how to get to Rio from Manila … Accckkk muy costoso!

I’m a follower of Christ. I didn’t say good, but I try πŸ˜‰ in fact, he’s the reason, the solid and undoubtable with proof reason how and why I met my husband.


Watch over me, in the best and worst of times


Redeem us from all evil and protect us with your love

I was doing a little research and I came across this:


One day I hope we get to see you.

One of my favorite short prayers that says it all:
Jesus, Maria y Jose, estar con nosotros siempre.

I do not own any of these photos, got them all off Google Images. Thank you for lending me kind strangers!


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