Marina Bay Sands Shadow

I often find myself relaxing on Sundays. My work days are not too hectic but they’re usually tough. I really need my Sundays alone and not worrying about anything. I don’t like to see a lot of people, especially be with crowds except for hearing mass (well, it kinda ticks me when there are a lot of people in mass so we usually hear mass on Saturdays). I avoid malls, well, the more populated ones, as much as I can. I only want to be with family or close friends. The only crowd I can withstand. Sundays make me wish I spend them in Singapore. I don’t want to live there, I just want to visit. I recall my Sundays there, families together, shopping, eating and just chilling. There are a few more malls here in Manila, so I hope the crowds will die down soon on weekends. We do need more parks or anything scenic here in Manila. More trees or more greens. It’s annoying how both my parents don’t have provinces so I don’t really have anywhere more suburban to retire to. Sundays! How to relax on Sundays! Pray more and appreciate your loved ones and what God has given all of us.


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