Fast to health

Fasted 12 hours for this morning’s lipid profile blood test. I didn’t really mind the hunger but I did mind the thirst. My throat’s been so dry since last night.

It’ s so funny to how last night, one of my nostrils was clogged and I had sleep with my mouth agape. I even dreamt of a whole badass moist chocolate cake being sliced before my eyes! I was served a slice; the chocolate topping still oozong its way down to the sides. I had a bite. Oh my goodness. I didn’t taste anything because it was just a dream! Gaaahh!!

When I woke up this morning I was trying so hard to conserve energy since I knew it might take a while for the test to be done. On our drive to Cardinal Santos, we were already thinking about what to eat after.

Our blood tests went by fast but the ecg took a while for the wait.

Finally gave in to having Cafe France (love and support your client, always!). We had a few croissants and this was my drink.


Refreshing four seasons!!

I expected to finish it even before I finished the croissants but I guess my body didn’t want all the shock yet after being deprived 12 hours of nada, I only finished until the wide part of the glass haha

Cheers to health — assuming that we are. My prediction is that I’m totally health with high sugar in my blood 😉


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