Favorite people

Hehe this entry might be controversial if I push through with my original plan…

Imagine if we listed down names of all the positive and negative people in your life …

All the people who helped you out, the people who tried to help you out, with what you wanted, needed and where you are now …

The people who prayed for you, the people who prayed with you …

And then there are the people who took advantage of you, took you for granted, lied to you, stole from you … Heartlessly wronged you…

I’m sure the nice people will be a very long list and the not so nice ones will be so short. If your negative people’s list is competitve with the nice one, you need to let go and forgive. Or you’re not so goody two shoes, just keep in mind that karma’s a b!tch 🙂

The down side of having a long nice people list is that you’ll fall asleep in the middle of reciting all their names in your goodnight prayer. Joke lang! That’s not so bad!

So here’s my list of the nice people in my life thus far …

Haha I’m kidding 🙂 I don’t want to miss out anyone, I don’t want anyone feeling bad that I have forgotten them!


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