Ok I’m 2 weeks late.

I hate to admit it but yes, September marks the start of the “ber” months and they usually seem faster than most months. Why? Because malapit na Christmas! 

Believe it or not, last year before September ended, I was already done with Christmas shopping for our wedding ninongs and ninangs. I didn’t know it was common to give them gifts every year, I thought before and during our wedding lang. It seems to be a big deal in my husband’s family … I later on discovered that it’s common with Chinese families. Oh well! Or maybe hindi lang talaga kasi ma-gift ang parents ko… hmmm

I’m supposed to just be chilling and relaxing this month, but it’s kinda action packed haha 1) it’s my Kuya’s birthday (meh but it means mine/ours is coming up too), 2) we have a staycation planned (we got those hotel membership cards last year for our friends’ wedding so we’ll get a free room, but now we’ll use the 50% off coupon) because I just want to swim in some other pool not ours haha (sana no more bagyos) 3) I have my last LAT as in lymphocyte antibody test which will determine if I’m done with my blood treatment or if I need more blood infusions and lastly, 4) I’m still on that accounting issue (grrr 😲)

So… September. Bring it on! It’s the peak of monsoon season here in the Philippines, and it’s getting colder in the other parts of the globe … like my dear 🇮🇸 Iceland! A good friend of mine, okay, the first guy I dated in high school, posted several photos of him and his wife in Iceland last week. I got so excited so messaged him asking if they’re aurora hunting. Towards the end of last week, CMF told me that there was a really strong solar flare – so strong that it temporarily damaged some GPS sattelites. But for us geeks, that means massive and crazy northern and southern lights show! One of our ninongs and ninangs also posted that they were in Helsinki, so I told my cousin about it but she said her folks were already en route back to our EU home base 🇩🇪 (Stuttgart, Germany).

The aurora borealis or common called Northern Lights are so … indescribable. Watching them put me in such surreal and magical state … I would love to see them again sometime. And don’t believe how it was portrayed in that local movie of Piolo. I didn’t see the movie, just the trailers but it could have been really much better. Wait, sorry, this became a northern lights post tuloy ulit!

So, back to September!!! Sh!t. Almost half the month has passed. I’m both terrified and excited. Also, soy un poco triste. Porque mis ultimas dias en el gym are up. I’ll soon be back to my hormone injecting self in a few days. They’re tough. I’m used to it but it’s not my favorite. Sacrifice!!!

I’m gonna be bored and impatient again. I have my Paint By Numbers ready (I have a half way done project…), a couple of ebooks (free lol) and a movie/series list. Ok, there’s nothing on series, just movies. But soon, The Walking Dead will be back.. oh wait, Riverdale too and Jane The Virgin!! Ok, soy feliz otra vez

It’s gonna be ok, September. I will be patient. I will be chill. I will be calm. 


Of Schedules and Hair

I went to bed last night with so many plans for today. But CMF said I loaded my morning, so maybe I should reschedule some errands for other days.

Everything went as scheduled since I lessened my load 😊

Woke up at 8 am. Had breakfast and did my stuff (morning rituals… Not much). Went to see my doctor, the one I haven’t seen in 9 months haha I wish it was an OB to give birth but no! I will go back soon. Need to do maintenance!!!

Then I went to the salon. 2 months ago, I’ve been telling CMF that I need a haircut but of course I’m so indecisive. After 8 weeks, finally got a haircut! Honestly, I’ve made inquiries in other salons but they don’t seem to know what they’re talking about when I inquire so never mind. I’m talking about a Korean salon in a mall up north. So never mind!

Beach wave curls

Beach Wave Curls!! What the girl with straight hair wants!

This is what I want!!! Loose beach wave curls! I thought digi perm can do it but it’s a little risky. So I went to my usual salon. Good thing I did. I asked my stylist Mike if he can do this to my hair. He said yes but it’s not permanent. He said this kind of hair is just ironed and curled. But he can do it. I asked if he can do it permanently and he said this won’t be the outcome. I asked about digi perm and he said it won’t look like in the photos. He said only Tony and Jackey has the guts to do digi perm now. They (Mike’s salon) had to pull out that service a few years back because a lot of their patrons complained about major hair damage after digi perm. We’re talking really really REALLY dry and damaged hair. Everything Mike said made sense. And another thing is maintenance. Can I maintain this kind of nice hair? I have nice straight hair now and I can barely give it proper attention.

So anyway, Mike said he can just give me layers that will be good for wash and wear, and will give the nice beach wave curls I want if ironed or curled. I guess that’s good enough. He even offered to curl my hair after but I declined, since I was just gonna do a lot of paper work in the afternoon.

I wanted to go to the gym after my doc but le huzzbund said I need to rest physically.  And because I’m a good girl, I followed his advice. So in the afternoon I just did a lot of paper work. Mostly accounting. If only I can tell you what’s going on.. but alas, we need to keep things private for the sake of everyone involved.

Wait, let’s go back to my hair haha it’s not too long and it’s not too short anymore. I have a photo like the girl in shades up there, I actually made a side by side collage – boobs lang lamang nya sa kin. Haha I’m kidding!!

Gruber Schmoober

So last month was awful for the riding public eh? Uber was on a 30 day suspension. It was lifted after paying a very hefty penalty and when they had a few days left.

I never tried Grab on a private car before. I first tried Grab Taxi, then Uber. That was back when I was working in BGC. Grab Taxi had a booking fee on top of the flag down.. I think bf was about Php 70, then Php 40 flag down. I haven’t moved a meter yet but I need to pay Php 110 already. When I discovered Uber, I had a Php 500 promo code. My first car was a Camry (no black, x, pool yet back then). And my fare going home (no upfront rates yet) was Php 220! And I was in a freaking Camry with a nice driver. Compared to my Php 250 taxi ride. Oh yeah, don’t forget that Uber is cashless so I never had to worry about not getting my change back.

Last month made me try Grab Car/Share. It’s not perfect. And I wasn’t used to it so it was different. I guess a pros and cons list might be easier to express my thoughts.

Grab Car


  • (Share) Same price for 1 or 2 passengers
  • (Share) You’ll only have 1 trip shared with yours
  • They have a loyalty point system where you can redeem promo codes for discounts for your next rides or freebies in restos or partner establishments
  • They have so much promo codes around the corner! You just need to search in the right places!


  • Pin on the map was never accurate and it changes! My pin before booking changes a lot and it’s never the same as my driver’s!
  • Drivers almost always cancels! Que horror!
  • Most of the time more expensive than Uber
  • Their driver/car match range is about 3kms so more often than not the car I get is so far away pa while the apps says 2 mins to pick up, it’s actually like 10-15 mins



    • Pin does not move and same as the driver’s
    • Usually cheaper than Grab
    • Never had issues with drivers cancelling, maybe just once


    • (Pool) You can share your ride with 1 more trip, but when that’s done, you can share with 1 more trip as long as it’s on the way according to their algorithm
    • (Pool) price for 2 people is much more expensive
    • They have A LOT of small compact cars on Uber X and Pool (Wigo, Mirage)! If you’re more than 6ft or a bit bulky, you might need Uber XL because comfort might be an issue
    • Less promos

      But at least it’s over and done … I think. Uber’s back so there’s a choice again.

      Let’s reserve our taxi rides for places with better public transport haha like Singapore (actually never tried a cab there, always mrt! So efficient!) 


      It’s just the end of August but there’s really no better time to give and share than all the time, right?

      Quick kwento. A few weeks back, my bro sent us a message, if we have clothes that we don’t wear anymore, gather them for pick up and donation because his officemate’s (they work in govt) house burned down at 3am that day. They’re all safe but don’t have anything left but the clothes on their back. I knew I had a few things I didn’t wanna sell but are very good enough to be given away so I packed them neatly. Here’s a few of them.

      I used to buy S or XS clothes and 24 waistlines… but ever since I got married, these shirts give me the Winnie the Pooh effect. I love these shirts but they might serve others better, I thought. I included a pair of sneakers that I bought out of haste and didn’t fit me well. Wore it once.

      I was able to give my package to my bro last week. He sent me this a few mornings ago. It really really REALLY brightened my rainy morning and made everything I did that day way better.

      It feels good to give. Honestly, and not to be mayabang, I rarely shop because I have a lot of relatives and friends who give me stuff all the time. Clothes, make up, food, etc. I consider myself lucky because I am in a lot of people’s thoughts. Maybe I should try to be like these nice people to me. I have been trying to let go of things that I don’t use, because they might be more useful to others. And in that instance, I was right. We sometimes fail to see that we have so much to be thankful for that we don’t give or share.

      Thank you to those who shared my previous post. You know who you are. 

      Again, please don’t forget to drop by my online store as we’ll be donating proceeds to Pistang Bulilit this December: – that’s my Shopee account (free shipping nationwide for above Php 500!) – that’s my Carousell account (this has a more complete list)

      Shop For a Cause! 2nd hand stuff

      Knocking on your kind and humble fashionista hearts! ❤💙💚💛💜

      My Mom has tasked me to sell some new and pre-loved items that belonged to my aunt in the US. She’s very much alive, don’t worry! I’m particularly in love with her Escada D’Orsay Satin Pumps but it doesn’t fit me. Check them out. No kachichas! 👠👡👟

      Anyway, her stuff still looks good even if pre-loved… please help me spread the word and sell these. 

      All proceeds will go to this year’s Pistang Bulilit, an outreach event for less privileged children in Pasig City, usually on December 8. What happens in Pistang Bulilit? We teach the kids values and manners whilst having fun, have educational and value centered games, and share simple meals with them. We have great donors too who put together loot bags for the children to bring home and share with their families.
      I’ve already sold the Ann Taylor Pumps tonight. I’m so happy! ☺ If you don’t need or want shoes, I hope you can please please help spread the word. 

      I have yet to take photos of tops… some of them with tags still on (BCBG I think…) 👕

      Please check these links: – that’s my Shopee account (free shipping nationwide for above Php 500!) – that’s my Carousell account (this has a more complete list)

      See! Not bad right? And some, never worn! If only they fit me haha

      Thank you so much for your time and please please spread the word and spread LOVE! ❤

      Myth Busted: Almond Jelly for Sore Throat and Cough

      Amongst the many bullsh!t we went through last December 2016 was CMF’s sore throat and cough. My husband is such a health buff and all, he rarely goes down with something but when he does, it takes time. 

      If I’m not mistaken, his sore throat and cough started last week of November and ended almost before Christmas. Imagine that. 

      In one of our Christmas dinners, one of his friends suggested hot almond jelly. He said it was his go to for sore throat and cough. CMF said the same thing. His mom would give him almond jelly too when he had cough. So we ordered hot almond jelly, but the Chinese resto didn’t have it. Boohoo.

      Almond jelly photo from, and I’m sorry nope, it doesn’t help with your throat 😐

      Last Wednesday, I got sore throat. And I guess it was further irritated when my friends were smoking around me. Anyway, it’s been a week and my throat is worse. I usually take Pei Pa Koa syrup and lozenges to help. But this time, it’s taking a while. I searched for natural remedies and I remembered that almond jelly thing. I searched it and didn’t find anything at all. I was expecting to find it in some Chinese herbal medicine page or something but no. What I found was gelatin! Go ahead, search for it. You should be dissolving gelatin in hot water and add honey and drink it like tea. Honey relaxes your throat, the hot water soothes your throat and the gelatin will coat it. That should give you relief. Some say it will heal you but I’m not there yet. But I do get some relief when I have my orange jelly tea!

      PCO’s Hot Orange Jelly Tea haha imbento

      Gulaman pala! Jelly jelly pa ako LOL 😷

      I dissolved a teaspoon of unflavored sweetened jelly into 1/4 cup of hot water, and added 1/4 cup of orange juice. I have no other flavorings at home and don’t really want any other flavorings actually so there.

      I then conclude, that almond jelly for sore throat and cough was a misconception by ye old mothers in ye old days. It was probably misheard. It should be hot jelly not almond jelly. Almond jelly is just a part of your typical panto lunch or dinner in Chinese restos hehe

      I started taking meds for dry cough today and I hope tonight is the night that I get decent sleep with this cough.

      Dear Lord, please heal me. Be with all those who need your healing hands.

      Rainy Weather and Nilaga

      I guess rainy season is really here since we’ve had 2 typhoons already in the past few weeks.

      Gah. Anyway. I have cough! The bad one. I’m surprised though that I only got it now, since I’ve been on immunosuppressants for more than 4 weeks. 

      A few weeks back, when the rains started, I cooked my very first nilagang baka. After 4 going 5 years of marriage, it’s my first time and attempt to cook this. And I’m so happy I was able to make the beef soft and tender. I was so happy!! 😊😊😊 (not so obvious huh?)

      Cabbage, corn, potatoes, beef and broth… my awesome nilaga. Woot woot!!

      This was also when I found out that the Tagalog of cabbage is repolyo! And boy, how good is repolyo in soup! I guess it’s really different when you cook than when others cook for you and you just eat. 

      Since CMF loves corn, I put in corn so everyone was like “Hey your nilaga is the works ha” 😂 but I love how I used the vegan beef cubes from Healthy Options.. I love it. A bit pricey but not bad at all. 

      I hope I get to cook more good and healthy dishes in the coming days. Health is wealth!! No idea why a lot of people take that for granted.